266 Juan José Valle Highway, Arroyo Seco, Argentina.

Global midset
+ local experience

Our industrial plant -of 1.4 ha- is located in Arroyo Seco (Argentina), on Juan José Valle Highway.

Through multiple alliances worldwide, today we can be present in different countries providing a comprehensive service and customized solutions through dedicated teams.

We generate strategic proposals (creative, technological, and impactful) related to your needs.
We work with third party manufacturers according to each development and we carry out the control and audit.
We have our own warehousing and storage facilities.
We manage logistics and distribution in different Latin American countries through strategic partners.
Foreign trade
We have strategic alliances and experience in the import and commercialization of different products.
Dedicated teams

Based on the needs of each client, we offer communication, design, architecture, etc.

Brand Merchandising


We design and create, through third parties, customized promotional marketing products, on a large scale and at the lowest possible cost. Then, thanks to our own warehousing capacity, we offer logistics and distribution tailored to each client’s needs.
Diseño del espacio comercial


We provide integral solutions to the retail sector: from the design and decoration of showrooms to the development of advertising signs and display shelves.
Representación de marcas

brands representation

We offer B2B solutions in the distribution and marketing of apparel, sporting goods and branded accessories in different Latin American countries.

We build trust
working hand in hand with our clients

Where are we?

266 Juan José Valle Highway.
Arroyo Seco, Argentina.

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